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Indiana Jones and the Skull of Crystal

Some people say I am “Illinois” Shapiro because I was born in Chicago and I wind up traveling the world exploring different mysteries. So perhaps I know a thing or two about what an “Indiana Jones” person might face – but in my real life journey to unravel what are the Skulls of Crystal about – or to be more precise the Skulls of Quartz Crystal – although sometimes it gets darn exciting so far I haven’t had any so-called bad guys chasing me.

However, I have had an opportunity to go look for a crystal skull in Peru – a vision if you will – but a pretty powerful one that has not left me since I saw what appears to be a “Blue Crystal Skull” – with a movable jaw.. when I was in Peru with a group of 50 Brazilians and one American in 1990 (I was the American of course) — an the archeologist who was sitting with us at our hotel for breakfast in Lima – who was to be our guide for Machu Picchu (as we were preparing to leave for the airport to fly to Cusco) – jumps up and points a finger at me and saids in Spanish (it was translated for me by my ex-wife):

“Joshua Knows Where There is a Crystal Skull in Peru”

Holy Toledo I thought, I do??? But then there came, what can we call, a vision (and I am not one of these people who can see spirits and beings in other realms or auras but this vision I did see in my mind’s eye) of a procession of Indian looking people – walking in a jungle area – and the person at the head of the line, a man was holding out from his body with both arms an object – well come on guys, it looked like a crystal skull that this man was holding. And then I played a joke on myself and thought, well if this archeologist is correct (and I don’t know what the heck inspired him to stand up and point at me but you know when you are in Peru you do crazy things – the energy there is out of this world) then if I know about a crystal skull in Peru it is probably my favorite color, sky blue. And from that moment till this very day – in my mind’s eye whenever I think about a “Blue Skull” I see it and feel it around me, mostly in front of me on my right side and slightly above my head.

So what is “Illinois” Shapiro to do – the vision of this “blue skull” gets more and more intense – my body is constantly being pulled to the northern part of Peru (of which I had not been to yet) – can I simply just lie here and do nothing while this vision, this spiritual essence of a skull keeps appearing to me and talking to me. Could you do this? Well heck no!! So in 1997, I made the leap, I couldn’t stand it any more, I quite my nice paying job as a computer programmer and took off for Peru, not knowing how long I would be.

Fortunately via my ex-wife we had contact with a tour agency in Lima and they helped us to setup to explore the Northern Part of Peru – so to make a long story short, we were lead (you know if you are spiritual you have invisible friends help you) to an archeologist linked to the ancient Moche site of Sipan, who told us about a place called Huancabamba which was high up in the Andes mountains where all of the shamans are trained. Well we know that crystal skulls have a link with the indigenous peoples of the world and the shamans hold each cultures sacred knowledge. But also in this area, a spirit called “The Lord of Sipan” (who was the ruler buried in Sipan uncovered in 1987 and is quite famous in Peru) begins to appear to me and acts as my protector. I couldn’t understand why this spirit would want to be linked to a crazy gringo, coming to Peru on a crazy mission but the “Lord” as I called him stayed with me for the rest of this trip.

Then I receive a new guide to help me to go to Huancabamba – as my Spanish is not much to speak about, we first go to Piura, a coastal city in the northern part of Peru to spend the night and then catch a 9 hour bus to Huancabamba the next day. At the Youth Hostal we stay, the owner knows the main shaman of Huancabamba and writes a letter for us. After escaping for our lives the bus ride, which goes up a mountain like 15,000 feet on a single lane which goes up and down – we arrive in Huancabamba and after getting our hotel, we take a taxi to see the shaman – he asks us to come back the next morning. Now the whole trip, quitting my job, spending a nice chunk of change to go to Peru – will hinge on the meeting with the main shaman in Huancabamba – to see if they can guide me the next step to find this “Blue Skull”. So we arrive and at first I listen to the shaman – who tells us about the local plants they use to heal people and the ceremonies they conduct – then when its my turn – (wondering to myself if I have wasted my time or not) I take out photos of various crystal skulls known in the world and ask the Shaman, if he knows anything about them – so what do you think his answer is?

Come on – do you think he said, “Oh Joshua, of course we know about the crystal skulls and it has been foretold that you would come to ask?” Well if this was an Indiana Jones film that is probably the way it would go but fear not, the shaman said he didn’t know anything about what I was talking about – so I took a deep breath and sigh, what to do next. But then, there is always a but then, the grandson of the Shaman shows me a photo of one of the sacred lagoons in the mountain where they take people for a spiritual cleansing — they are going there the next day – would we like to come along and watch and learn. Well, I did feel a powerful energy off the photo from the water of the Lagoon. I also learned later when we went into town that people reported UFOs showing up around this Lagoon, people walking on the water and some just disappearing into the water – so life was showing me the next step and we said ok, we would join them the next day. So the Grandson said, be ready at 4:30 AM, he would pick us up at our hotel. So we went to bed early and were ready in the morning.

But 4:30 AM came, 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM – no grandson – again a challenge, what is a crystal skull explorer to do – well being an Aries who doesn’t like to give up I said to my guy, “Lets go to the Lagoon in the Mountain (it was called Laguna Negra, the Black Laguna) ourselves – so we found the taxi driver who took us to the shaman at home but he was sleeping and drunk – we found the taxi that was going to take the Shaman but he said the Shaman cancelled as he didn’t have enough people and wanted us to pay for 6 people – I am Jewish what answer do you think I gave. And finally at 9 AM in the center of town we found a bus going up the mountain to take us where we had to go — a place below the Lagoon where we could rent a mule – so by 11:30 AM, I was there – and we made it up to the Lagoon — and when I was there – I knew this was the place I was looking to go (to camp for a few days) to seek the “Blue Skull” – because there was a face of a skull in the mountain behind the Lagoon. I was excited but… I didn’t have my camping gear with me so we had to go back down the mountain – took about 5 hours to get our camping gear to come back up the next day – but I didn’t care, spirit had guided me to the place.

Anyway again to make a long story short, because this article is longer then I planned (I am just typing spontaneously here) – we climbed on the mountain two times to look for an entrance inside to perhaps a city that might have the skull but we were unsuccessful. On the last day we were at Laguna Negra, I took a walk away from the Lake by myself, sort of like a robot with a force pulling me – I came to a slight incline and found a circle of stones, I sat down – then a voice spoke to me (I had a headache after this) in my head which said in this area, the ancient continent of Lemuria existed and the “Blue Skull” was in a temple in a circular room exactly where I was sitting but the temple had been destroyed due to a great catalysm (they say the Andes Mountains were in Lemuria sea level and when Lemuria sank, the Andes Mountains rose) — and that in this circular room were 13 skulls in glass cases on the wall – I was a Priest in this temple which is why I knew about the skull and was called to return to this area. Then when Lemuria was destroyed, the “Blue Skull” went to Atlantis – again I had a lifetime in the Temples of Atlantis linked to this skull – when Atlantis was destroyed, a group brought this skull and other sacred artifacts on a flying ship from Atlantis to Peru – it was returned to this area, to a group of people who lived in an underground city inside the Mountain by the Lagoon. I again had something to do with this group to bring the skull back. Then during the time of Lord of Sipan, some tall men came to him and gifted him the “Blue Skull” for a number of years – then he asked his councilor, the husband of one of his daughter to return the “Blue Skull” to the Talll People and his councilor was guided to the area we call the Laguna Negra and gave it to the tall people inside the mountain where it remains today.